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Perhaps you're an ex-mando wars veteran, recruited (via some plot point, haven't figured out the details. This is all purely hypothetical, i.e. winging it) to search for them/destroy them (depending on DS/LS choices taken early on), and as someone who has seen them both you, perhaps via some sort of selection screen in the form of a database or something, inform your superiors (whoever they may be) what they look like, thus creating a situation where you do in fact choose their appearance/alignment, whilst still being rather more subtle (if only slightly) than shoving an erroneous character selection screen in your face.


edit: Just saw the posts about voice acting.... I'd say you can't go wrong with Rino Romano/Jennifer Hale as already done for Revan, and just rope in someone like Kelly Hu for female exile (Because I love her voice ) and someone reasonable popular for the male, because I think it doesn't really matter how they sound as long as its done well...

Woo, this i the longest post i've made in months.
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