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Originally Posted by Gurges-Ahter
The vision of Revan on Korriban was how the Exile remembered Revan from his past - as Dark Lord of the Sith. If the canonical ending is used, Revan turned back to the LS before leaving the known galaxy to fight the True Sith. So I don't think he'd attack the exile unless provoked.

And I would think the Exile has a newfound respect for Revan after learning of his quest to fight the True Sith from Kreia, so she'd have no reason to attack either (unless provoked).

This could all be changed though if the game allows you to choose whether Revan and the Exile are DS or LS based on K1 and K2.
Well let's see: Revan made her the sacrificial lamb; she was recruited by Malak, as opposed to Revan (though it may not hold much merit, considering Malak wanted her dead later and Revan couldn't be everywhere); the Exile was the only (known?) Jedi who didn't take up in Revan's war against the Republic following the Mando Wars...

But most importantly, Revan went through great pains covering his tracks in an attempt to have no one find him. Not his lover Bastila, not his loyal soldiers Carth and Canderous, not HK-47. I think voicelocking the nav comp and selectively deleting HK-47's memory (I say selectively because he does reveal quite a bit to the Exile). It wasn't Revan who sent T3-M4 to find some sort of help, either.

And also, one thing to keep in mind is that the Revan currently in the Unknown Regions isn't necessarily the former Republic soldier who became a Jedi (in OOU terms, Revan in K2 isn't necessarily Revan at the end of K1). Now I'm not saying that Revan may have returned to the dark side, but he most likely will be somewhat different than what most people will expect.

Also, how important did Revan consider the Exile to be?
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