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Originally Posted by r0bman5

The clone wars consisted of Jedi generals leading squads of troopers into battle, right?
I had an idea like that. except it's not a sequel to anything. so here's the idea

Clone Wars: Jedi General

so you are basically a padawan who has just become a knight. the order tosses a new responsibility your way: they make you a general. they give you command of a small group of clone troopers. you can fight with your lightsaber, use some force powers, equip clone, droid, and some exotic weapons, as well as customizing your outfit with various pieces of armor for the expense of some dexterity. you can command the troopers to do sniping, secure positions, blow doors, etc. when you get better and get command of more troops, you can order jedi, commando squads, and airstrikes. throughout the game you can train in certain disciplines like lightsaber, sniping, force, demolitions, etc. it's kind of a combination of KOTOR, jedi knight, republic commando, and battlefront. there could be campaigns, one-time maps, or Galactic conquest like battlefront.

please give feedback on idea and/or ask any questions
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