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In Depth Screenshot Analysis

Okay, hi everyone. I'm Ice Man and I'm glad to get into the JKII community while it's young. That way someday newbies will see me as a veteran. Hehehe. Anyway, as the subject title reads, I'm going to apply my more or less extensive knowledge of Star Wars to the screenshots we currently have available and then I'll want to hear your views.
Let's start with my favourite screenshot:

Let's take a closer look.

Okay I conclude that we must be in some Imperial base or ship of some sort. Observe the metal floor, the storm trooper (duh!) and the aurabesh (Imperial language) on the monitor.

Now let's observe the blue haze around the trooper. This is from Kyle, I think. Kyle's hand is outstretched in some force maneuver. Judging by the way the storm trooper is being bent over, this is probably a force-push.

Just want to metion as well: Observe the light saber glow on both the ceiling and the flore. That's a nice effect. Even the light saber itself is worth salivating for.

Anyway, that's enough for that post. I'll analyse the other pictures some other time. Tell me what you think about the screenshot.
Any idea what each of the numbers mean?
Which numbers correspond to health, shield, ammo and force strength respectively?

Back on the quest for the perfect sig!
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