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Jedi Howell: These screens aren't taken from builds right before the game is going gold. JKII production didn't even start until after the cancellation of Obi-Wan. So here goes:

One: The numbers that represent health and Force are confusing. I thought they changed colors to represent how high or low they were. This is not the case. On four of the screen shots, the left number, (which I think is health,) is red. On <a href="">one screen</a>, this is not the case. I'm guessing the number on the right is Force power. So far, it appears in three different colors. Dark blue, blue, and yellow. I think it is Force power simply, because it goes higher then 100. The smaller number under what I think is the health is probably sheilding.

two: I don't have a problem with the blue ceiling circle; however, if the ground is going to be effect by the saber, near by objects should as well. Notice the computers don't seem to show any visible effect yet. Once again though, we're still VERY early in development.

three: A blur effect is really the same thing as the blue haze, it's just emphasized with the color. It's not like Raven is going overboard with it: this isn't Black & White . I think it looks pretty good... a lot better then good ole Force Blinding does on JK.

four: While the animations are still probably rough, the screen shot looks like it was taken at an odd time. I'm sure with motion added to that Force, it won't look anything like that. I do see what you are saying though.
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