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Doubt about the Indy 4's quality

I myself is a huge fan of Indy. I have watched the whole 3 parts since I was a kid, so when Indy 4 was announced, I was extremely exited. So did when two trailers of Indy 4 came out this year. I was/am really expecting to see Indy 4 at the local cinema

But, wait! The closer the opening day come, the more nervous I have. Several weeks ago - about 2 weeks - there are some pages claimed the had seen Indy 4, and write reviews. Mostly, they criticized Indy 4, and revealed that Mutt is Indy's son. I only read little of it, and I think that maybe it just a phony review, and those guys maybe didn't even watched it yet. Recently, on Slashdot, they have this post, but still, I hope they just make it out themself.

To tell the truth, I still feeling quite... doubt! I mean, look at Star Wars I: the Phantom Menace. The whole thing was a mess, in comparison with any movie in the Original Trilogy! I hope Indy 4 won't follow the same mistake that Star Wars I did. Good heaven, I want Indy 4 must worth 16 years of waiting! (since I first saw Indy when I was 2-3 years old

But hey, we got Steven Spielberg on the set! So does Harrison Ford! Those are the men that I could trust! We still got hopes...... and doubt.....
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