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"Radek," the man answered. "And no, I have not. He has stated his dislike for continual questioning. I intend to leave him alone for the time being. My advice to you: be prepared for anything."

And with that, he turned away, leading Cia by the arm, and followed after the Dwarf's cart, by now just passing through the city gates. Cia shifted uncomfortably, trying to free her arm, and though it didn't look like Radek was holding her very hard, she could not pull her arm away.

"Let go of me," she hissed softly.

"Not this time, Cia," Radek answered sternly. "Last time I did that, someone ended up dead."

"But he deserved it," Cia snapped defensively. Radek glared at her.

"That is not your decision to make," he scolded.

"But you agree!" Cia countered defiantly. "You know better than I the things he did, the suffering he caused."

"But to put him through some of the same sorts of suffering is inhuman," Radek argued. Cia shot him a smug grin.

"I am not human." Radek raised his other hand, threatening a slap to the face. Cia barely flinched.

"You are governed by the same laws we all follow," he said, dropping his hand without slapping her. "You have just slipped up on a few of them."

And so they continued, with Radek firmly grasping Cia's arm, and Cia trying to free it.

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