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Third update lolz.

1) What classes are you?
Sentinel/Sith Lord. i enjoy falling to the dark-side. mwahaha.

2) What items do you equip? Did your Exile wear robes or armor?
Almost exclousively Dark Jedi Robes, jedi and sith. i modify them to be even darker, and the model is the only one that doesn't make my dude/dudette look fat

3) What kind of lightsaber do you wield? Single, Dual, or Double-bladed? And what color?
Single, always. usually green or purple at first, moving on to red once i'm a Sith.

4) What Lightsaber form do you use the most?
Force channel/Force potency. yummay.

5) What Force Powers do you use to augment your saber skills? Or did you just use the Force as your blade?
I use debilitating powers like Wave, Affliction, Statis Field and damaging powers such as Lightning, then go medieval on their asses with a 'saber.
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