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((I knew you were gonna say that lol. Sorry if it doesn't seem very ORIGINAL, but I kinda ran out of ideas))

Dwain had a very bad feeling about this when he looked out into the hanger with armed Sith forces trying to penetrate the ships defences. Like a horde of Mynocks trying to fight through its way to chew on a single cable.

He looked back at the HK droid. "Okay... Im no expert on droids, so... how do we go about deactivating you and setting you on a timer to reboot yoursel?" he asked.

"Answer: Oh, I already possess the means of doing that. There is no need to worry. Plus my decorative rust should be an addition to making me look like trash heap."

"Even I thought it does.. Alright, switch off!"

The droid stood dead before them with the glowing photoreceptors fading out.
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