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Nej is right, the mouse is the best aiming tool. Also there are more buttons on the keyboard for hotkeys. Understand that if people do well with gamepad/joystick, it's in NF sabers. NF sabers doesn't require aim or multitasking (controling tons of buttons), which is why I don't hold it in very high regard. Also NF saberists don't develop aim, so they never get good at other FPSs or the other aspects of JK.

Also, we don't know what sabering in JK2 will be like. Perhaps there will be a reason to use the mouse. Since they are using the Q3 engine, most of the current NFers will be gone or become fragbait (people with dial up don't last long against broadband users on a q3 server).

One more thing, mouse is better in JK1 sabering cause of warp. I would hate to use gamepad, cause that would mean I was always turning at one rate of speed (depending on the sensitivity i set). I wouldn't be able to move "normaly" then all of a sudden pull a warp move. As for joystick, well mouse is faster and gives you more control. Would you rather have to move your whole arm or just hand?

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