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The cart moved swiftly forwards, being pulled by strong beasts of burden at the front. With the speed they were going down the road, the lights of Kolirum-Masaar swiftly disappeared into the darkness of the upcoming night. The dwarf opened one of the crates the cart carried and gave a signal to Eldir to start handing out the torches inside before lighting them. He passed a torch to Skarra and lit it so he could go ahead of the group and light up the road as they went. He also handed a torch to Radek, Curudir and Icarian, lighting them and finally getting one for himself.

By what Skarra estimated, at the speed they were traveling they would arrive to Stonehaven the next evening if they didn't rest. From there it would be a three-day journey to Port Jasper. He highly doubted that they would skip rest since the group had been swiftly collected and looked like they had only just returned from their individual trips. This would extend the time of their travel to Stonehaven by a few hours, but Skarra did not mind. As long as he got paid and managed to get some direly needed supplies.

Unbeknownst to the group, their moves were being watched. From far away on the hills ahead of them, a lone figure crouched and blended into his surroundings in the darkness. The lighting of torches had taken the interest of a bandit scout who now waited to determine how strong the group was escorting the cart. By the looks of things, the cart seemed to hold something valuable, new that would come welcomed to the leader of said bandit scout. With a light chuckle the figure disappeared from the hill, rushing northwards for the bandit camp to inform them of the approaching group. The cart and it's escorts wouldn't know what hit them.

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