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Tale went in the middle of the group, observing the other ones. Torches were lit and handed out to a few. Tale looked on the stars and feelt a small breeze in his face. It was peaceful, and quite. Tale considered it to be a beautiful night, even if it was very dark. He started to whistle a few tunes, while the cart picked up speed.

Tale stopped the whisteling, and once again, he started to think it was to quite. He didn't see, nor did he hear any animals, or any sound at all from the bushes. Not even an owl. But maybe it was always like that. Tale knew he hadn't been much in these areas, so he couldn't say much of the wildlife thereabout, especially not during the night. Tale could hear and see very well compared to many others, but nothing was there to be spotted. So Tale took his bow and placed it on his back instead of holding it.

One of the people carrying was an elf, and for some reason this elf seemed closer to the dwarf than the others. Tale went towards him started to walk beside him.
"Beautiful night, isn't it?" He said to Eldir.
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