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I realize there are many people that oppose the anti-piracy DRM measures BioWare and EA implemented for Mass Effect for PC. I am glad BioWare listened to the outcry from their fanbase and removed the 10 days re-authentication period for MEPC. However I don't think a 1st tier publisher like EA is ever going to pull a Stardock and release their PC games without any anti-piracy features. So, if given a choice between dealing with a 3 activations limit or not getting Mass Effect for PC then I'll take the limit. PC is my gaming platform of choice and I'm willing to deal with some inconvenience as opposed to not being able to play games like MEPC at all. Of course there are those that aren't willing to accept any restrictions at any level and I understand that. I just hope those individuals consider the fact that piracy is a huge problem for PC gaming and developers/publishers are trying to find ways to prevent illegitimate use of their games and only allow their paying customers to enjoy their work. An ideal solution has not yet been found and so we're left to deal with the process of trial and error as such a solution is sought for. BioWare and EA took it too far with their latest attempt and due to the overwhelming opposition had to take a step back. But until piracy is greatly reduced or eliminated publishers and developers are going to continue to wage war against piracy and as oft happens in war there are innocents that get caught in the middle.

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