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[WIP] Nar Shaadda: The Lost Cantina

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

There was a cantina on Nar Shaadda. The developers abandoned it; The modders paid it no attention (as far as I can tell; no offense meant if I'm wrong) until DarthXander's mod last October. Since then, a project emerged in secret known only to a select group of people. Slowly, it started with a few bumps along the way. A few questions here & there. But, never stating entirely what they were truly about.

This mod is mostly just an introduction to the Canyon Workshops modding team and our projects. You will get to meet our team. There will be a few surprises included in this mod.

NPC Placement: 90% complete
Dialog: 90% complete
Scripting: (could be debated) 50<-->70% complete
Overall Progress: 48% complete

I'll gather a few screens soon and post them. Needless to say, this mod is pretty far along in production. (Much faster than I thought it'd take.)

Credits (so far): Thanks to DarthStoney, for the mini-map that will be used in this mod; DarthRevan243, for the basis of the loading screen; the entire Canyon Workshops team, for giving me ideas for the cantina; Holowan Laboratories, for the answers I needed to questions concerning this mod.


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