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controls suck

I bought the "best of PC" which includes jedi outcast. i've read lots of good things about the game so i decided to try it out. but after only a few minutes of playing it, i am nauseated and i feel like i'm going to throw up.

i tried using the mouse, and it's too sensitive, plus it doesn't turn to the side fast enough. i tried using the keyboard, and it's no better. i mapped the controls to my logitech dual action game controller and i still feel sick. you can adjust the sensitivity of the action/no action threshold of the controller and the mouse, but you can't adjust the speed at which the camera moves in the game.

mostly, it's the look controls. i can't focus on anything because the camera is swinging wildly. the slightest movement and it swings too far. it's like the douche bag from "cloverfield" is operating the camera.

i had the same problem with battlefront, also on this disk, but i was able to fix it by using the game pad instead of the mouse/keyboard.

does anyone have any useful suggestions?

i am playing on a 3.2 GHz processor, 4GB Ram, Nvidia Quadro FX1500, 24 inch widescreen monitor.
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