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It is also my impression that it is the stormie head which is out of proportion with the rest of it's body.

Azlon_Tir has an important point with the saber trails- the saber tells a much different story when it is standing still then when it is in motion. Having screenshoted the movement of sabers and sabertrails throughout a large number of games and their mods, I can say that while the saber is moving you will not be notcing effects of the saber like you did in the screenshot. The saber should be moving too fast for your eye to clock distinct shapes of the saber trails. In closer examination of screenshots I have taken of various in-game sabers I have noticed things that looked quite odd but when the saber is moving I couldn't see any of them; it is the end effect of the saber in motion that is important. And yes I have seen the JK2 video.
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