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"Aye, that it is" Eldir answered and chuckled as he glanced at the skies.
"Now quite what one would write songs about, yet still quite beautiful" the elf noted as he turned his eyes on Tale. The bard smiled to see the elven man. He had noticed Tale when the group left, but hadn't had the time to approach him for a talk.
"You're elven. From Vieroe no doubt due to your more slender figure. I myself come from far in the east. From Anar Doth to be exact. The ancient city of the Wild Elves that has stood there before the Great Forests retreated from Oerk" Eldit told Tale before extending his free hand for a shake of hands.


Far ahead on the road, Skarra knelt down after something caught his eyes on the ground when the torch light hit it. He touched the ground beside him before glancing upwards into the darkness. The ground was different, disturbed. The ranger knew exactly what it meant, but could not be sure of how long ago had the bandit crossed the road there. Swiftly Skarra put out the torch and unsheathed his swords as he turned around and tried to use all of his senses to locate anything around him. The eery silence had been disturbing, but this could only mean a bandit ambush.

Just then a small group of bandits launched from the shadows, an arrow hitting the Centaur's quiver. An arrow that had been meant to disable him. The Centaur rose on it's hind legs and kicked and slashed at the bandits around him, seeking for a moment when to warn the rest of the group. When he found that place, he picked up his horn and blew on it, giving an alert from ahead of the group.


Eldir jumped on his feet the second Skarra's horn rang the alarm.
"Weapons out! Throw the torches in a ring around the cart!" the dwarf screamed and Eldir did as he was told, throwing the torch near the cart, but still into the darkness. This revealed, to his surprise, several bandits already lunging at them as if from nowhere. Eldir pulled out his sword and jumped off the cart before lunging into battle.
"Don't let them have the crates!" the dwarf continued to shout before grabbinghis warhammer and starting to smash bandits who attempted to grab the reins of the cart.

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