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"You've got to be kidding me."

Reluctantly, he jerked his buckler off his belt and unsheathed his sword, mostly making a good show of it - he didn't risk his neck until after he'd been properly apprised of his pay and the bloody Dwarf was STILL dodging that question.

Some idiot ran up to him, brandishing some pathetic excuse for an axe. Slash. Parry. Counter-slash, averted, riposte, blocked, quick thrust...the brief battle was over in a matter of seconds, the little bandit sliding off the end of his blade, gasping for air as he slowly went pale. He stomped on the dying man's throat, feeling the windpipe crush under his boot.

"Much better. Didn't even get blood on my boots that time."

The bandits seemed to be on all sides, and that was bloody unfortunate. He snorted quietly and scrambled up onto the cart. He dropped his buckler and grabbed the reins, steadying the panicky horses.

Some dolt grabbed the side, desperately trying to scramble up onto the cart. A quick slash of a blade sliced half his face off, a second severed his hand. The man screamed, a terrible pathetic wail that filled the night as he tumbled down and fell by the side of the cart, only to have his breath fully extinguished as the cartwheels drove over him, nearly cutting him in half.

Kadis settled back, keeping the horses at a sedate pace. The clash of melee made an interesting backdrop, too. He began to whistle a little tune under his breath, a jolly little tavern song he'd learned back in Port Jasper in his early days.
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