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Originally Posted by Phantom Joker
Gamespot posted an interview with Martin Slater of 2K Australia (publishers of BioShock). They were thrilled that the game was not cracked for thirteen days, though they took a beating over their DRM (also SecuRom, IIRC). If that is a successful time frame to make money on a game, I can see in the incentive of the publishers. After all, as many have pointed out in this thread and others, it is not currently possible to create an uncrackable game. But, two weeks sounds like it might be do-able. If that is the difference between profit and loss (or at least seen as such by the publishers), that's an awful big incentive to pack the game with a monster DRM system.

I dunno. As much as I hate to say it, I don't think that invasive DRMs are going anywhere anytime real soon.

Looks like the consumers (us) have a choice to make. Buy it and put up with the draconian DRM or simply don't get the game.
Then I won't get it until they remove the DRM. I'm in no rush anyways. If the game won't sell, they might reconsider it. If people who are against this sort of protection simply whine but still buy the game, they will put this in their next game aswel.
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