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Originally Posted by EGJason
Hey, RedRob41 Question!( Although, You've done an Enormous amount of work)
Would it be possible to release a Version of this except for Female Revan's, or, is that already in the works?

Originally I wanted to make a female too, but after its taken me about 4 months to do the male, I've reconsidered. If you want to make a quick and simple female, all you have to do is edit your appearance.2da & portraits.2da files:

In appearance, copy line #90 (Alien_Sand_Person_Female) to the end of the list (use the next highest number example 671). Rename it to someting unique (like R_FEM_Sand_Person_01) and change column modeltype to "B" (instead of "F"). The other columns to change are all the modela and texa (upto modelj and texj) and replace the fields so they all say "n_tuskenf" instead of ****. Doing this will mean that she will have the same outfit for most clothing (except some will be the n_tuskenf02.tga).

Then in portraits.2da, copy line #1 to the end and rename baseresref to "po_RTuskF01". Change appearancenumber & appearance_s & appearance_l all to the Row Label number from appearance.2da (example 671). You can also change the other baseresref values (just follow the same naming sceme as the other characters).

The final step is to make portraits.

She seems to have all the combat animations, The first person view has some clipping issues, but I didn't do a play through to see how she reacts to the various cinematics (I suspect she'd be the same as the male).

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