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uh PJ, the 1:1000 numbers back my point up entirely.

the 70% line though... that's just hilarious. do the math mate, it simply doesn't add up: to meet the 70% increase at the accepted 1:1000 ratio, a game would have to prevent 700,000 pirates for every 1,000 legitimate sales. given that the average game shifts around a half million units (we're talking average here, for your blockbuster titles like gta iv you can multiply these numbers by a factor of 8 or greater), that would equate to preventing three hundred and fifty million instances of piracy from a pool of three hundred and fifty billion instances.

1:1000 is probably a close guess as to the number of sales lost due to piracy, but there is no way that number leads to a sales increase of 70%. none whatsoever.
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