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Originally Posted by Achilles
Hey stevedroid, thanks for the links. How is your 1440x900 HUD hack different from Malakius'?
It's the same method, I learned of it from him. However, Malakius didn't center the combat queue and I think he missed a couple of other small things. Based on my conversations with him, I think he was adjusting things on a control by control basis, based on whether he recognized them, but I used a more generic method. In addition to the altered hud, I have fixed the 2D backgrounds for the loading, inventory, pazaak, etc. screens.

Does your version fix the mine problem? Just thought I would ask before downloading and replacing an existing mod.
I am not familiar with the mine problem you're mentioning - I never actually used Malakius hud in-game, I just took a quick look at the file to get the gist of what had to be done.

Based on context I'm guessing the mines action button or the arrows weren't working? To be honest, I didn't test every single interface button for each resolution I did, but I know the mine button is fully functional at the resolution I use (1530x864 - the weird one because of the text problem) and I used the same method to modify all of the resolutions.
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