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Originally posted by Jedi_Killer:
<STRONG>Well the game Outcast didn't sell all that well--I doubt that would be too much of a problem.</STRONG>
Well, I bought a copy. I'm looking forward to Outcast 2, as well. And looking at it realistically, there are very few PC games that have sold well, ie, greater than 20,000 units. You'd be surprised how many games with good reviews don't sell very well. Undying is a prime example (I haven't got it yet, but I intend to...). No matter how well it sold - you knew what I was referring to...therefore the game itself is widely known. Therefore it could lead to some confusion. (damn, I'm beginning to sound like a Vulcan! )

<STRONG>They were already moving away from it by Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith. Also, that expansion pack might be some of the cause for confusion? It was definitly a part of the DF series. So that would mean we should be up to DF 3.5 or 4 now. Rather than deal with that kind of confusion, just give the name from the more successful part of the series.</STRONG>
Yeah, I sort of agree. MotS was a lot more than just an expansion pack, but a bit less than a full-blown sequel.

<STRONG>(afterall, the X-wing games are pretty much responsible for the highly popular X-Wing series of books)</STRONG>
Your assumption is not strictly true. I've never played any of the X-wing games, but I've got all of the X-Wing novels - damned good read they were, too. I agree that players of the games probably bought the novels, but so did a lot of other people.
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