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Star Wars Renegade

”Good evening Galactic Republicans. Welcome to HoloNet News, I’m Trevor McDonald, and Recent Headlines include; Kolto, the information the Selkath don't want you to see, a recent uprising on Dantooine was stopped in its tracks after a Jedi order cleansed the population of all those who'd wish to harm loyal Republic citizens, but first, we bring you exclusive news that a young Jedi padawan on the verge of accepting his knight, has been corrupted by the dark side of the force and has gone on a rampage."

Being hunted by a pack of trained assassins who jumped from a buildings edge to another, Jack sprinted through empty streets, praying to non-existent gods to find some form of crowd. He knew these assassins and their protocols, and they wouldn't dare engage him in a place where witnesses would be able to identify them. It was against their training and bad publicity for the order, like any bad publicity could really do them much damage.

"The padawan named as Jack Goren, started his killing spree by taking the life of his master before he attacked the Jedi council, escaping by the skin of his teeth before he proceeded to murder three other Jedi padawans and two knights. Authorities believe he escaped into the Coruscant undercity, killing several unarmed Republican security guards as he did so."

Dropping out of the sky, one of the hunting pack dropped from the safety of the building and blocked the path for Jack. So not to have to bump into the assassin, Jack halted to a stop and quickly wielded his light saber from his utility belt. It was clear if Jack ever hoped to escape these assassins, he would have no choice but to end them of their life. With a flick of a switch, a green blade of energy slid from the hilt. In response, the assassins pulled out their light sabers and revealed a blue blade.

"The Jedi Order has requested the help of the public in capturing Padawan Goren, but the order has expressed their desire for Padawan Goren to be returned alive and intact as it is belief he is not acting on his own accord, but in fact being manipulated by Sith. In response for this attack, the Order has dispatched as fleet of Order class destroyers to Dxun, where evidence suggest they have a base. A bill has been passed through the senate for a complete planetary cleansing. It was accepted without challenge with is no surprise after the planet was used by the Sith for an assault on the Onderon a good seventeen years ago. It is clear that Padawan Goren deserves our sympathy instead our of hatred."

The assassin attacked in sequence, one from the behind would lunch forward for a strike, before jumping back to allow one to make a surprise attack of his own. These assassin were brain washed to the point they though like a simple droid, so the sequence attacking was expect, giving Jack an advantage. After fending off the fourth attack, Jack prepared for the strike from behind and as soon as the assassin gave the impression he was about to jump away, Jack spun the blade and stabbed behind him. Like his predicted, the saber sliced right through the striking assassins chest, presumably killing him instantly.

While the assassin hung against Jack's back, stuck on the laser blade, Jack quickly robbed he corpse of it's lightsaber, ignite it and caused to the force to fire at the assassin in front of him like the traditional Jedi weapon was nothing but a projectile. Because this assassin was moving towards Jack to avenge his companions death, he wasn't expecting what Jack pulled and hit the floor straight after being the blade of the light saber sank deep into his body. There was but one assassin left, and through his mask, Jack could see just how the assassin determined was just by looking in this mans eyes. This wasn't good news for Jack.

The next minute of Jack's time was taken up defending himself from this assassins frenzy attacks, Jack defiantly had to be on his toes for this fight. Eventually the battle turned against him when a lucky strike against Jack caught the edge of his lightsaber, slicing it straight off. Though Jack was able to dodge the blade, he was now stepping backwards weaponless. All he was thinking was this can't be how it ends!. Fortunately it wasn't, something popped into Jacks mind. As the assassin went for a vertical strike, Jack jumped backwards and stretched out his arms towards the body of the second assassin he killed.

After a few shakes, the light saber the assassin wielding sprung from the ground and into Jack's hand. Not good with surprises, the assassin was somewhat taken back by this and didn't react after enough for a vertical strike of Jack's own, which removed the assassin of it's head. The body quickly hit the floor, leaving Jack standing alone with three dead bodies and short light saber.

"I can't use this," Jack muttered before concentrating the force power to crush the weapon to prevent it to be used again for killing. After discarding the light saber to the streets, Jack began walking in the comfort that he shouldn't be followed for a good amount of time. But despite this, he was weaponless and needed to find either a light saber. But where would he find one?

Just as the thought crossed his mind, he felt a pulse of a light saber crystal echo through the streets, causing him to stop in his tracks and look around around. He felt the pulse again, coming from a canteen a free streets away, then he fault another pulse. A much darker one from behind him. There was something about this pulse. It was colder than what it should have been. It took a few seconds before he realized what this pulse belonged too, and he knew he had to run if he valued his life, so thats what he did. He ran.

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