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It was another dreadful day, down in the unfriendly and depressing undercity of Coruscant. Those who were beggars beyond belief, begged everyday, hoping to catch spare credits from the pompous well-off people. Most people however, tried to retain some sense of dignity, even if they were poor and that they were trying to make their awful lives much better for themselves.

Brent Vaughn believed that he was one of the many people, hoping to improve his poor and somewhat pointless existence. Alone and bitter, Vaughn was no longer in his prime and he was way past trying to make himself stand out in the galaxy. He had a chance, long ago during the Mandalorian Wars. Sadly, he had failed then and he hadn't had another shot at fame, fortune and glory, which he thought that he deserved.

Of course, there had been several adventures since then, but nothing worthwhile and certainly nothing to boast about to anyone who might have stopped trying just for a moment and listened. Nobody did of course, but those who did listen usually listened with an open mind, but Vaughn had a feeling that most of the time, nobody believed his stories. He had told them quite clearly that he had once been a soldier for the Republic and fought against the Mandalorians and then after his heroic acts (which was a lie really, since nobody back then had considered him a valiant person), he worked small time, trying to avoid a busy life.

Vaughn didn't care anymore. Nobody wanted to believe him (might've been to do with age, since he was sixty-five after all) and that was fair enough.

What Vaughn missed most, however was a good old adventure. A point of living, trying to make yourself known to the galaxy. But twenty-nine years ago that had changed, when Vaughn had decided to start again. What a terrible way to start again, he thought, as he observed the many crowds, which thankfully he had been about to avoid.

If Vaughn was going to try and have fun again once more, he was going to have to find a way off the planet. He wasn't a good pilot and most of his piloting friends had either abandoned him or died, when he had abandoned them.

Somehow and someway, he was going to leave Coruscant and hopefully forever.
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