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Rena woke up from a good rest, and stretched her arms out tiredly. She got out of bed, and went to go take a shower. After that, she placed on her clothings, along with her brown boots. Then she picked up her bag with her possessions in it, and went out the door.

Going out the door and to the elevator, an old Arkanian man, wearing a white robe and black slippers, stepped out of his apartment door. It was Mr. Sho, the scruffy landlord. "Young! You'd better have those creds by the end of the month! I mean it!" The young girl chuckled to herself, and stepped in the opened elevator.

"Don't worry, Mr. Sho. I'll have it for ya. Promise." She pressed the down button. Finally, the elevator door closed, leaving a grumbling Mr. Sho.

When the elevator door opened, she was in the canteen. Finally, she could get something to eat! Rena stepped in the canteen, going in line. When she got her food, Rena sat at a table alone. "Alone again. Boy, I wish Mom and Dad were with me..." A lone tear fell from her eye. She wiped it away sadly.

Finding out that her father was a Jedi was hard for Rena to believe. The Jedi Order was more strict, along with the Republic. It was like living in the Last Days, as her mother once said. Things were going crazy, even for a 17-year-old girl like her.

As Rena ate her food, she didn't noticed that inside her bag, her father's old lightsaber began to pulse, as if an energy inside was calling someone...
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