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There was a cantina in the Undercity which always had lots of people in it. Drinkers, gamblers, gangsters, even druggies. One of the people inside was a human. He sat in a corner drinking a Correlian Ale, a drink he enjoyed very much. He stared down at the Pazaak tables, and the other tables, looking at a Rodian in particular. The man was broke, he had just gambled away all his savings on Pazaak game, and lost it all to the very same Rodian which he was staring on.

The man took a zip of his Ale, and looked away at a news holo. He couldn't hear much, but saw a picture of a young Jedi. He didn't care much, the local news didn't bother him, and news about Jedi did he definatley not care about.
Why are Jedis always involved with problems? He turned away again, and watched at Rodian once more. He's probably cheating somehow...

The Rodian just won another game. That does it! did the Human think and finnished his Ale and put the glass on the table real hard and rised up. He went towards the Rodian and said.
"I'm here to get my money back!"

"Crazy Human back, drunk human, broke human. You must be able to wager. What's your bet?"

The man thought awhile.
"I, Hoban Cedman, will wager my ship, the Golden Griffin, against all my money I've lost!" The people in the gambling tables got quite, a ship-bet wasn't very common.

Hoban looked at the Rodian and said: "Game on!"

They both choose their decks, shuffled and started a game best of three. With 1-1 in games the third ended in a tied. And on the next round the Rodian stoped at 20, Hoban had 19 points and a -4 card to go. He felt something like a cold wind on his face. "Flip the card." Everyone were quite, and the dealer slowly flipped a card. It was a 7. The Rodian smiled. Hoban stared in his eyes and flipped his card. -4 and went down to the points of 22. Hoban lost. He had lost on of the things that mattered most to him...all because of gamble and drinking.

Hoban didn't know what to do. He looked around, chocked and frustrated, yet he knew better than to pic a fight in these areas. He went to the baternder and bought another Correlian Ale with his last credits.

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