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KOTCS, does it rock? Mini-review *NO SPOILERS*

There will be no spoilers, you can read this safely, I wont talk about the plot or cool moments in the movie.

Yes, it is a good movie.

I cant say for sure why there are bad reviews, but I'm fairly certain, that in most cases, especially in IGN's case, it was because people are more likely to click on their review to find out why its bad, then they are to click on a good review for a movie they already assume will be good.

It is a Indiana Jones movie, and it is awesome. I guess I could be biased, since i own the original release, of the trilogy, the re release on VHS version of the trilogy, the Laser Disc copies, and the DVD box set. But I can tell you, that the movie did not dissapoint me in any way.

It is NOT another Phantom Menace.

The movie has moments that give you the feelings of watching the orginals, the music is great, and yes, there are special effects used that are newer than the ones used in the 80's. Big shocker. I have no idea why a reviewer would complain about that, but thats one I've seen. The special effects are very high quality, and nicely done.

The movie has a lot of action, and gets in with whats going on right away. The movie assumes you know Indy, and what hes been through, and this is a good thing, since I would imagine most people out there have seen the Indy movies. Its keeps things moving, and stays interesting the whole time.

I could keep going on, but without ruining the movie for you, you should just know, that I consider myself a die hard fan, and I thought this movie was great. Thats really all you should hear.

I guess if you held a gun to my head, and forced me to say something bad about it. I could come up with, its a bummer that Sallah isnt in it. And its too bad Marcus Brody isnt around anymore.

Go see it, now.

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