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The smug grin on his face was extinguished as Kossiyk's fist smashed through teeth and jaw, turning the lower part of his face into something that resembled a horror show. He coughed, gagging, spitting teeth and blood out onto the plush and expensive nerfhide carpeting.


"Shut up. Josyk told me you missed a payment on your loan. Do you have the money, or do I have to take it out of your hide?"

"I...I don't..."

In a flash, Kossiyk had the little man dangling by his collar over a ten thousand foot drop towards Coruscant's bedrock. "Think VERY carefully about what you say next."

A reek wafted upwards as the man let out a terrified scream. The urge to 'accidentally' let go and see if he could catch a speeder down to the lower levels to watch him pancake was almost overpowering. He let a calculated length of shirt slip out of his hands.

"Alright, Trandoshan! I'll...I'll get you the money. Josyk'll get his money!"

"That's what I like to hear."

He jerked the man back up. The little coward clung to the carpeting, mumbling thanks and empty promises.

"You have twenty-four hours. Then I'll be back. If you haven't paid Josyk by then, you'll be taking the express elevator to bedrock."

He turned on his heel and walked through the splintered remnants of the man's apartment door, heading straight for the personal vehicles hangar where his speeder was waiting. He casually stepped into it, powering the vehicle up. The Holofeed came through clearly.

"...his killing spree by taking the life of his master before he attacked the Jedi council, escaping by the skin of his teeth before he proceeded to murder three other Jedi padawans and two knights. Authorities believe he escaped into the Coruscant undercity, killing several unarmed Republican security guards as he did so."

"Certainly prolific." He had to give this fellow some credit - massacring a half-dozen Jedi personally was a pretty impressive feat. He listened into the rest casually. Not much else interesting, other than the Senate ordering a planetary bombardment of Dxun.

Kossiyk throttled up, sending his speeder out of the bay, heading for a Cantina and Pazaak Den that was pretty close. Job done for the day, now time to relax.
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