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XvT 3dfx help...

Hey all... I had a question about 3dfx for XvT:

I'm running Xvt and BoP on windows XP with a nvidia geforce 7600GS chipset. When I run the game with the 3d acceleration disabled it works excellent. I've recently gotten into modding the game, and I've added a ton of missions and new .OPT files for upgraded ship graphics. In order to run the new ship graphics 3d acceleration needs to be enabled. When I enable the acceleration, my game takes a dive. When I load a mission the frame rate is so low that it is absolutely un-playable!

I tried to remedy the problem by messing with the settings, but it seems that the only thing that worked was turning of the "diffuse lighting" option and running with "low" object resolution.

My question is this: This graphics engine is from 1998, so how come my new graphics card is not handling the settings? Is this a problem with drivers or chipset incompatibility?
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