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Vin entered the Cantina filled with thugs and sentients, standing by the barkeep droids who served their patrons drinks. He yawned as he joined in with the crowd, making sure both his Lightsabers were well hidden behind his coat; Jedi seem to have a bad reputation nowadays, but Vin wasn't one... anymore.

He stood on the stool. "Hey droid. Get me a Jirly Juice..." he handed his credit chip to the Barkeep droid. The droid asked for an ID, to confirm Vin was at the legal age of 19. The machine poured him his drink, and as Vin was about to take a sip, he suddenly felt... a pulse of some kind... running through the force. Like it came from the crystal of a Lightsaber.

Vin stared around the cantina. It couldn't have been his own; his cystals had a different force signature.
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