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How do these ppl get work doing this? A friend of a friend of a friend? Why can't movie critics be ppl you respect from the movie industry? Kinda like Sports.. the commentators.. most often than not.. are former athletes themselves... who've made a name for themselves.. or at least have a recognizable name to the game and you can at least repect the POV. MSN could do themselves a favor by reading what this guy has written and making a judgement as to his qualifications for the position (or the space for the aritcle online). After all.. ppl who think the guy is an idiot won't be going for any informative reviews to MSN.. that's less traffic from ppl looking for that kinda info.. and that is the name of the game here.. traffic.

I just think the guy is full of himself. He talks like his opinion is the opinion that matters. I do get some satisfaction in knowing that most probably... he paid to see some of these movies.

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