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((Joint post with Steven))

A tall, well built man stood at the entrance to an alleyway, arms crossed over his chest as he peered into the darkness. At length, he said, "How long do you intend to run from your destiny? You're not a child any longer."

"How long do you intend to follow me around like a lost pup?" a feminine voice shot back from the shadows. There! He could see her outline, and he took a step forward.

"Until you come home," he answered gently. "Please."

"Can't," she answered abruptly. "I can't live up to that... those expectations. I'm... I'm sorry."

She fled and he gave chase. But she was fast and he suspected she would try to lead her into a crowd, where it would be easy for her to lose him. And thus, he stopped, standing aside and mourning the loss of the woman he loved.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

"Dad stood aside," one of the young men observed as they passed by their father. His brother laughed, and his younger sister scowled.

"Dad's a fool," she snapped. "If we don't catch her now, she'll fade away to the background of the galaxy and we'll never see her again."

"Mayla's right," the eldest of the three said. "Dad somehow thinks she'll come back. But we've seen the restless side of her. If she's gone, she's not coming back. Come on!"

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Aryn Vexxlin darted through the streets of the Undercity, occasionally chancing a backward glance. Frustration etched itself across her youthful face, and her eyes showed fear. With determination, she rounded a corner, chancing another backward glance, and then...

"Oof!" she found herself falling, tangled up with a young man who'd been running the other direction. And somehow, they twisted, and he fell on top of her. Pushing irritably on his chest, she hissed, "Get off me!"

Jack groaned before pushing himself of the young woman he'd slammed into. "Sorry, didn't look where I was going, have this bad ass corpse chasing me you see." He brushed himself off and looked where he had came from. He could no longer sense his prosecutor, not a good sign.

With a roll of her eyes, Aryn muttered, "Corpse... try three barely-out-of-their-teenage-years children..." Then, she scowled and scolded, "You would do well to watch where you're going as opposed to where you've been. Corpse or not, you run faster when you look ahead and can determine if there are any immediate obstacles you have to avoid... obstacles like me."

"Hey kid, you can blame me all for this, but you have to admit you weren't looking either or you would have seen me," Jack replied, not looking at her. Instead his eyes were scanning the area for any signs of danger, but searching was interrupted by another pulse of force energy. This one was very close, very close indeed... His eyes fixed on the young woman, who appeared to in the middle of her teens. "Hey kid, this may seem very weird me saying but, do you ever get strange dreams that feel almost real?"

Aryn frowned. "What sort of question is that?" she demanded irritably, glancing over her shoulder. Then, she glanced around him. "Scratch that. There's your corpse..." She glanced over her shoulder again. "... and there's my kids." She looked up at him. "Shall we continue this conversation elsewhere?"

Without waiting for an answer, she tugged on his hand, pulling him through a nearby doorway and into a bar.

Jack spotted the assassin before waving, "Sorry Bob, maybe next time." Jack told him before allowing the strange woman to pull him into the bar. He knew the undead assassin wouldn't follow him into a crowd place where witnesses could see him. Wasn't the assassinís style.

"Right, so where were we?" Aryn said thoughtfully, guiding the man into a seat. The bartender took one look at Aryn and shook his head.

"We can't let you stay, young miss," he said, gesturing to the sign that stated the age limit. Aryn shot him a glare and fired back with, "Oh, buzz off."

Which he did. Then, she turned back to the man she'd collided with in the streets and extended her hand, and introduced herself, "Aryn Vexxlin."

"J.... Al," Jack said, deciding to go by an alias while he was still Order's most wanted, a simple easy to remember alias so he wouldn't forget in the heat of the moment. "Last names... erm Dente..."

Aryn arched a single eyebrow at his stammering over his own name. "Right..." She didn't sound convinced in the least and she wore such a skeptical expression, he couldn't help but wonder if she knew who he really was. But then, she smiled. "Nice to meet you, Al Dente. Now... you were asking about dreams?"

"Huh? Ohh yeah, dreams," Jack said before leading the woman to table and seat. After sitting her down, Jack asked her "Ever had strange dreams that feel real, then the next day or week, well come true?"

Aryn laughed. "What, you mean like precognition?"

"Yeah, like a precognition," Jack replied.

Aryn smiled faintly. "Do you begin all your conversations in this way?"

"Well, sometimes, I come from a very different environment from this, look I'll show you," Jack said before looking around. No one was looking. He then stared at a jug on the bar table, he concentrated on the jug and slowly lifted it a few centimeters of from the ground and dropped it in front of Aryn...

... or at least, that was his intention. What actually happened was that, when he dropped it, the jug landed in Aryn's right hand. She set it down in the center of the table and smiled faintly. "Really, that's fascinating."

"You see, if you haven't guessed, I'm... was a Jedi, and when we bumped I sensed something from you," Jack explained, though he was getting the feeling Aryn has hiding something from him.

"And you just had to ask," Aryn concluded. "Had to know if I was some Jedi brat they sent out looking for you... a Jedi brat so well trained that I could fool you."

She shook her head. "Go ahead. Probe me. You won't find any significant Force sensitivity."

"Ermm no ... I wasn't coming to that," Jack replied "I would have felt the Orderís programming inside you if you were an agent working for them. I know youíre hiding something, and at this moment I'm not bothered what this is. I just wanna know have you ever used the Force?"

A mysterious smile played across her lips. "That would be telling, wouldn't it?" She shook her head. "Like I said, not really Force sensitive. You're running into literal blocks built up in my mind. Stuff not even the Force can get through."

"If youíre not force sensitive then what are you?"

Aryn laughed. "That's my secret." She winked. "Thought you didn't mind."

"In that case I've gotta go, I'm weaponless and being chased by a lethal corpse, I need to find myself a weapon," Jack said, standing up. "Good day ma'am, hope those teenagers don't cause you anymore trouble."

"I can assure you they will," Aryn said, rising with him. "And you seem like you could use an ally in your flight. Let me stay with you." She smiled disarmingly, as if to say, "I dare you to accept my offer."

Jack thought about the offer for a moment before telling her "My name's really Jack, and though I don't exactly trust you, I could always an extra pair of arms if I ever want to get out of this thing alive."

Aryn laughed softly. "I'd think you a royal fool if you truly trusted me, Jack. Let's get out of here."

They stood to leave the bar, but Jack held up his hand. "Just one moment. I'm in need of a weapon... and I've found one. Give me a second..."

He crossed the cantina to where a young girl sat, her bag set lightly beside her. Jack sensed a lightsaber in that bag, and he was determined to get it...

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