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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del View Post
Psst, it's Nar Shadaa.
Not the way I say it. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del View Post
It's even more odd when we consider the number of ships held at orbit on Onderon, why would they be checking visually ship by ship?
I always took it with the blockade they were visual checking each ship before they would allow it to land. So I never really had a problem with the logic of the Hawk being detected.
Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
And remember that the Hawk was stuck in traffic for a while; I bet Vaklu and his cronies staged the blockade knowing that the Exile was headed for Onderon, tipped off either by his Sith allies or Atris.
Were they just looking for the Exile or were they seeking to keep anyone out that might be loyal to the queen?

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