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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
And remember that the Hawk was stuck in traffic for a while; I bet Vaklu and his cronies staged the blockade knowing that the Exile was headed for Onderon, tipped off either by his Sith allies or Atris.
The dock officer that greets you on Onderon and gives you your starport visa says that the military is searching every ship for anything that could be considered treasonous and that the blockade had been going on for over two months which is quite a while before the Exile came back to Republic space. They were especially searching Republic vessels, which is why the beasts are backing up in the streets, because the Ithorians couldn't get through the blockade to pick them up (being Republic ships). And if you go by what the Handmaidens said in one of the cutscenes they (and Atris) lost track of the Ebon Hawk.

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