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Arivan was sitting in a tall tree, watching the excitement. The shadows from the nearby party's torches were sending dancing shadows across her face, partially hidden by a dark green hood. She had been watching this odd little group, led by a dwarf for a while now, then the bandits had attacked. She was watching, and waiting, debating whether or not she should show herself and help ward off the bandits or watch and wait for another time.

A few more seconds passed, there were still a few bandits left, the elven archer was down and whatever the dwarf was carting seemed to be important, it was a good time to drop in. She prepared her swords, and dropped down out of her tree, into the fray. She landed, with cat-like grace and was up behind a bandit in seconds flat, she slit his neck with her siver sword, and flipped backwards dodging another bandits sword. She engaged him in a silly combat for a few moments, then ended it as she stuck her other sword into his heart.

Just as she began to sheathe her swords another group of bandits emerged from the bushes. "No way!" She groaned, Why didn't I see them?" She mumbled to herself. She stood next to the dwarf who was standing by the cart. "There aren't so many." She said excitedly. "C'mon Master Dwarf... There's enough of us to take them out." She winked, and charged into another bandit, who was much better at swordplay. "Gonna be a while here." She grunted.

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