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Ah, the Undercity of Coruscant. Beneath the rich and luxurious city-planet, lay the wastes, the poor, the criminals, the unfortunate, the dead and the killers. Alan Spacer was all the last four. He was a criminal and a killer. He was unfortunate because nothing ever exciting ever happened and due to his past. He was pretty much dead inside for the same reasons. Once a proud Mandalorian warrior. Now, only the name, the language and the beliefs remained. He was no longer a Mandalorian. He was just a warrior.

As Alan walked through the streets of the Undercity, he happened to accidentally (though weakly) tackle some Weequay.

"Hey, what the hell was that for?!" The Weequay asked him, angrily and surprisingly speaking Basic.

"Oh," He said, looking at him, then saying "Sorry." He then tried to continue his path, however, the Weequay wouldn't let him.

"Sorry? SORRY?! Sorry ain't gonna cut it pal, i could have been seriously hurt!" Grabbing the jacket's collar.

"What do you want, i already said sorry," Alan asked, taking the Weequay's hand off his collar.

"I want compensation," He answered him with a big grin, then raising his fist, "And i know just how to get it!"

The Weequay then threw his fist against Alan's face. He simply tilted his head to his left, then grabbing hold of his arm and twisting it, making his way behind his assailant, forcing him onto the ground with a swift kick to the knee's back.

"Listen, you really don't want to fight me. I'm just going to let you go now," Alan told him, letting him go and trying to continue his way onto the nearest cantina. However, a circle of thugs had appeared around him, screaming "Fight!". They seemed to be friends with the Weequay. They were 6, 7 counting his attacker. One of the thugs then handed the Weequay, apparently their boss, a small vibroblade.

"Heheh, i'm going to make you wish you had never messed with me!" The Weequay shouted, then running towards him. Alan simply smiled and tried to block with his arm...

...An impact was heard. There was no blood and Alan didn't seem to be hurt at all. In fact, he seemed to be very happy while his enemy was very confused. The blade was stuck with him. He then slid down some of his sleeve, revealing his metal armor underneath the coat. Then, another impact was heard as the Weequay fell to the ground, blood coming out of his now broken nose and busted lips.

"Heh, that's what you get for messing with me," He said, taking out the vibroblade and throwing it to the ground. Now, any of you wise guys going to try anything or can i go my way?"

A yell. The circle closed on him. 'Guess not', he thought.

One was immediately defeated with another swift punch on Alan's part. Another tried to cheap shot him with an attack from behind however he ducked and then thrust his elbow onto the thug's chest. 4 remained. Next came the blasters. A Rodian came and shot at him, slightly hurting him. Alan then raised his arms and suddenly bullets came out of them, hitting the Rodian, making him fall to the ground. Another came, shooting at the parts where he was sure there was less armor, hitting him in his knees. Alan fell to the ground. As the thug came to him, he then tripped him with his feet, quickly walked to him and broke his neck. The remaining two, ran away, in fear of this display of brutality.

"Well then, someone needs to pay some more," Alan said, with a bloodlusting smile, approaching the Weequay and punching him some more, taking full pleasure on this ruthless beating.


After the brutal encounter, Alan finally made his way into a cantina, where he sat down for hours and hours, drinking and drinking. Nobody sat around him due to his scary appearance and eyepatch covering one of his eyes. While in his drunken state, Alan was either very rowdy or very calm. Thankfully, this was one of his calm days. He then looked behind him, watching HoloNet News. There was some story about some Jedi kid who had killed his fellow comrades and was now on the run.

A Jedi? Sounded like a challenge. And the reward should also be quite plenty. Why, this could worth the while.

Finishing his drink, Alan then got up and left the cantina, on the look for his new mark:

Jack Goren.
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