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Everything went by like a flash of lightning. Some other imbecile scrambled onto the back of the cart, waving a shoddily-forged scimitar around like it's a torch or a flag. Idiot. He spun around, going for a quick combination shield-bash followed by a slash. But the idiot was quicker than he looked, although probably no smarter. He ducked under the buckler and parried the sword.

He retaliated with a quick thrust that punched through his ringmail and leathers. Pain shot up his side and he could feel blood slowly running down his chest. He grimaced, but it didn't feel too bad. The bandit pulled back slightly, a grin breaking across his face. Kadis bent over, clutching the wound in his chest. The Bandit moved forward again, raising his scimitar to finish him.

He bulled forward, catching the bandit by surprise and driving him backwards to the edge of the cart. Their swords forgotten, it became a melee of fists and feet as each strove to beat the other into submission. Kadis smashed the man's face into the back of the cart, only to be dropped onto his back by a scything kick. The Bandit drew his dagger, driving for Kadis' throat. Kadis grabbed his wrist, holding the knife back, then rolled to the side, dropping off the cart and slamming into the ground. Something popped in his side as he impacted, and then the bandit was at the cart reins, driving it away. He coughed, mumbling a fairly rich Dwarven curse under his breath.

His sword, amusingly, was fairly close by. He grabbed it and pushed himself to his feet, doing his best to ignore the bleeding and the hard breathing. He couldn't feel the bone poking out, at least.

The bandits of the first group seemed to have mostly dispersed or been killed, aside from the one little bugger who nicked the wagon.

He readied his sword and tried to run after it, only to halt a few steps later, cut short by the pain in his side. He grabbed his ribs, groaning as he flopped against a tree. He reached into his pack and withdrew a swatch of clean linen and pressed it against the hole in his gut, hoping to staunch the bleeding. That's going to be a chink in my reputation...
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