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Ari watched in aggrivation as the cart rolled away. She shot a few arrows at it, but it was no use. She only hit the cart, not the man driving. She kicked a rock in frustration. "We were this close." She said to no one in particular. "Great now what?" She asked the dwarf. "I suppose we should go after it?" Then she remembered the elf that had fallen. She hastened to his side, he had hit his head, but it wasn't too, too bad of a wound. She kneeled over him, and put her hand over his forehead, she whispered a few elven words, and then pulled out a pouch of dried leaves and sprinkled them over his head.

She stood up, and noticed the eyes of the other various party members on her. "Uhm.... Old Elvish healing techniques... He should be okay." She shrugged off her hood, and tossed a lock of red-blonde hair over her shoulder.

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