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Originally Posted by Lord Foley
If content was cut from the game, for whatever reason, it is cut.
I fail to see what significance this has. Further, If you'd paid attention to commentary made by Obsidian since the game was out, you'd be aware they actually wanted none of those things cut.

Originally Posted by Lord Foley View Post
but trying to restore a cut ending and everything is just stupid. I actually like the game's ending:
Big surprise, but they're honestly not changing the ending that much. There'll be some final moments of closure with various party members, but it'll still end the same as ever: Malachor V falling apart and the Hawk flying off into the unknown.

Have you read what TG plans on restoring? They're adding plenty of new content (a few hours worth), but the game's plot and characters are remaining the same as ever. All in all your complaints are fairly misplaced.

Originally Posted by Lord Foley
I was wondering if anyone actually agrees with me.
No. You're alone.

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We will be great failures one day, you and I
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