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"You were hauling raw mythril and weapons, were you not Master Dwarf" Skarra noted as he stepped forth towards the group. He had had his hands busy when the cart had driven past his little fight. He had no chance to stop it. He was lucky to keep defending himself from the five simultaneous attacks coming at him. Nonetheless, by a lucky strike he had managed to break off from the circle of bandits circling him and then launch a proper attack on them before rushing back to the group.

"Aye..." the dwarf responded with quite a gloomy tone in his voice.
"That be why I hired all of yous to come with me. Apparently my plan wasn't as good and fool-proof as I thought after all" the Dwarven merchant said before turning to Skarra.
"You must get that cart back. All my wealth is tied to that cargo and so is your payment. Now, I'm no fighter. I'd rather have gold in my hand than a weapon. I'll go on to Stonehaven and wait for you there. You have no time to lose if you want to catch those damned bandits!" the dwarf said, only to be pushed by Skarra to sit down.
"First we treat the wounded, then we go after them. Those of you who feel hungry or tired can rest for a few hours while the wounded are treated" Skarra noted and walked to the middle of the group to see the damage.

Eldir walked from the shadows, sheathing his sword and shaking his head. He was bruised and had a cut in his other arm. Luckily it wasn't a deep wound and could be just as well be patched up with a piece of cloth.
"Damn these bandits" he grunted as he picked up and threw a few of the torches together to form a basic campfire. As he sat down next to it, he removed his armor and stripped the shirt under it. Not a pretty sight. Skarra dropped down on the knees of his front legs and took a small canister of ointment from a health-oriented pouch on his belt. No magic words were required as he spread the ointment on the bard's wounds. The Centaurs had grown out of that phase long ago. As far as the cut went, Eldir already was placing a small piece of cloth around it to aid in the stopping of bleeding. Skarra rose back up and smiled as Eldir nodded a thanks, even if the ointment burned like hellfire. Eldir had gone through Skarra's healing before, so fortunately he knew what it felt like. Too bad that he had forgotten just how much it burned.

"Is everyone here?" Skarra questioned as he looked around at the group.
"Everyone who left with us from town, that is. I'll get back to you eventually" Skarra noted, glancing at the newcomer ranger elf.

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