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Remaining calm at Kadis' outburst Ari looked him in the eyes. "Yelling at me will get you no where. I have been following you, well I'm not really sure as to why... But I knew the dwarf was carting mythril. I wanted to watch you guys, you don't realize how dangerous these parts are do you?" She raised an eyebrow. "I wanted to help out, so there would be no unessecary bloodshed... However, it looks like that couldn't be avoided." With that she turned on her heel, noticing the older elf was beginning a fire, she headed off into the woods, and was back in a few minutes with an armload of kindling and logs.

She piled them up next to the beginnings of the fire, and threw a few sticks on. Soon she had finished with the help of the older elf, and they had a roaring fire going.

Noting that the elven archer was still lying still, she hauled him over nearer to the fire, so she could keep her eyes on him. Sitting herself on a rock she looked around at the group she was now traveling with. "I'm Arivan Telemnar. Pleased to meet you all." She cracked a small smile. "Now come and have a seat, we can make some food and share some stories around this fire." She gestured to the area around the fire. "

Let's make merriment tonight... tomorrow will bring some hardships, I can already see. Let's enjoy our revelries while we still can."

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