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"Aye. Merriments is something we don't need right now. No offense, Eldir" Skarra said as he finished looking through the group. It seemed everyone was present, even if some still decided to stick to the shades instead of coming to the fire. The Centaur stepped to the fire and lay down as far as his horse body let him.
"I am Skarra of Lor'Wal. Ranger from the planes around Coldwind Forest" the Centaur said before gesturing to Eldir.
"And he is Eldir the Eastwind Crow. Bard and swordsage from Anar Doth, despite half his life being spent in the Coldwind Forest" Skarra told the group, in return receiving a non too happy glance from the Wild Elven man.

"For your information, I'd rather honor my true lineage instead of lying to be a wood elf. I have at least that amount of pride in me" Eldir noted as he sat up straight and removed the sword and scabbard from hanging on his backside. He lay down and grunted, feeling the pain of the wounds once again. It would relieve in twenty minutes time, but it would still take at least a day for the visible part of the wounds to disappear. He removed a water flask made of a sheep's gut from his side and threw it towards Tale.
"There you go. Don't drink it all"

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