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"Uh.... um... I'm sorry. I... I don't talk to strangers," came the reply, something that fell upon the lines of what Jack was expecting to hear from her. He would have probably made a similar remark if but in her position but with perhaps a bit of swearing or a snappy put down.

Jack smiled at her respond before going into more detail by what he meant when he asked for her help. "Let me explain something to you. I'm a ex-Jedi on a mission to clear my name whilst on the run from some pretty nasty people who'd rather I be brainwashed back into their ranks. And as a Jedi, I have great senses and at this current moment in time, I can sense you have a light saber in your bag beating like a heart. I really need that light saber if I ever want to survive down here, so I wanna make a trade. At this moment I have nothing but the clothes I wear and I sorta need them too, but if you so desire I can get a good number of credits for you to spend on whatever you need."

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