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"Bartender! Give me another one!"

"No, you have no money!"

"Look, I'm not even drunk, and I need the give me one!"

"No! Guards!" two bouncers turned up. "This man is bothering me, please throw him out!" The two bouncers took Hoban and draged him to the door and threw him out. Hoban hit the ground hard and had to stay on the ground for a minute.

When he finally was able to rise again, he clean his coat from the dust and looked around. He didn't really know where to go, nor what to do. Blast! Nowhere to go, and I don't even have money to get drunk...and I really need to get drunk right now...or a ship, especially my ship! Either way it's win-win!

Hoban just started to walk, wondering if his fortune would change soon. Bad luck had followed him lately, and betting the ship made him think, his luck would turn. *sigh* This planet smells worse than a Hutt's breath!

Hoban stopped by a screen and noticed that they still sent out news about some Jack Goren.
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