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The cantina was, as usual, a bustle of vagrants, gamblers, and the typical whiners who had gambled away their last credit while half-drunk.

Pretty much run of the mill for cantinas on Coruscant these days. Shockingly, being owned by a fairly vicious Exchange boss didn't really make it any worse. Kossiyk watched the bouncers haul out some old man between them, flung him out into the walk, and then went back into the cantina. No guts. Josyk should look into some better hired help.

He entered, the Bouncers shying aside as he did so, and headed for the bar.




He grabbed the Bartender by the hand, his sleeve slipping upwards to reveal the Exchange tattoo on his forearm.

"You'll find some."

Invoking The Exchange was probably not something Josyk would be entirely pleased about, but Kossiyk was in no mood to deal with a bartender too senile to recognize him.

A Gran walked out of the back room. "Kossiyk."

It was one of Josyk's less effective hounds. "What do you want?"

"Josyk. He wants to see you."

Kossiyk glared at him. The Bartender had just pulled out the gizer and poured. He was hoping for ten minutes' relaxation before he bashed in any more skulls. Kossiyk slung the drink back, letting the blue liquid run down his throat in a comforting trail of fire, then got up and headed into the backroom.

A holoscreen was up, with a Mon Calamari's face on it. "Kossiyk."

"He'll pay. He doesn't have the courage to do anything else."

"I know. He already made the payment to my account, with a small bonus. But that isn't what I wanted to speak to you about. Have you seen the news?"

The Mon Cal had an irritating way of beating around the bush before getting to the point. Kossiyk cut him off at the pass. "The renegade Jedi?"

"Yes. The Jedi Order has been extremely...irritating over the past several months, closing down a number of my operations. Before today, I didn't think there was anything I could really do, the Jedi are notoriously effective. Did you ever hear what happened to Goto?"

"Got his Yacht blown up."

"By a Jedi. A renegade Jedi could be a useful ally, particularly one as skilled as this Goren. A half-dozen of his fellow Jedi. Quite prolific. You should be impressed."

"I prefer bagging Wookiees to Jedi. Their pelts make better trophies."

Josyk chuckled, a waterly gulping noise that was profoundly irritating. "Be that as it may...this Goren no doubt has every Bounty Hunter and Jedi in the Galaxy on him. This could be a great opportunity for the Exchange, to hurt both the Bounty Hunter's Guild and the Jedi Order. "

"You want me to find him and get him to work for us?"

"No. That would draw attention to the Exchange. I want you to make sure he stays alive. The longer he lives, the more the Jedi spend trying to kill him, and if we're lucky, the more Jedi and Bounty Hunters die trying to apprehend him."

Despite how incredibly irritating Josyk could be at times, he was nobody's fool. This was a good plan.

"He's got Jedi and Bounty Hunters breathing down his neck. How am I supposed to find him?"

"Come now, Kossiyk, surely you've been watching the news."

Goren was a media sensation, much like a serial killer. Any sign of him would be immediately reported on the News...that could be ironically effective.

"This could get me killed. What're you offering?"

"Doran's dead. Fell out of his landspeeder. That means the position as underboss of the Manarai Heights is open."

The offer was incredibly tempting. He was fresh to the Exchange, and most people took at least five years to become an underboss even on a minor Exchange world, much less Coruscant.

Too tempting to pass up, even if this was suicidal.

"I'll do it."
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