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Arivan's happy smile darkened a bit, but she brightened up again and shrugged. "I say we cook up some food and get some rest then." She nodded, then glanced at the source of the voice who had sat next to her. She smiled at his introduction, and heard the elven archer stir near her, "Hey, how are you feeling friend?" She asked him gently after he had taken a long drink from the water skin that had been tossed to him. Patiently she waited for him, and observed the centaur, whose name seemed to be Skarra. She would have to learn all their names. In her short time here in the world of the living, she had only heard tales of centaurs. They were a hardy, brave folk so she had been told. And this centaur, seemed to live up to the legends she had been told as a young elf around the hearth. He was very interesting to look at and she tilted her head, forgetting that it was impolite to stare.

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