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After hearing what Jack said, Rena began to believe that he really was a Jedi. It's been a while since she ever seen one. But hearing that he needed her father's lightsaber brought horror through her body.

"I understand that you need a weapon. And I would give it to you, sir. But you see... my father's lightsaber is more important to me than anything. I never knew who he was until my mother told me... before she died. I found my father's lightsaber when I was 14. I was so scared when I became an orphan. And now... I still am."

She sighed. Then she took out her father's lightsaber, and looked at it. "I wish I knew about the Force. Maybe... maybe there's a reason that this lightsaber is calling out, which I can't feel."

Rena looked up at Jack. "Maybe... I can help you..."
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