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Roasted Rat. Not the most appetising thing I've ever cooked, but it'll do. Curudir thought to himself as he watched the dead rat roast over the campfire. I hope this burns out all the diseases it's probably carrying. He then looked at it and saw that it was just about ready to go. He then figured it was a good idea to clean the blood off his swords from the rat. Disgusting creatures. I really should have used my bow, but then people might get splinters in there mouths, and they'd blame me.

He then stepped over to where Skarra was talking to the newcomer with the cooked rat. "That rat I caught is done cooking, want any?" He asked them, but he doubted they would. Hell, even he wouldn't eat it given a choice, but what was he to do? He then glanced at the Elf Ranger. "Hello. I'm Curudir Therias, and you are?" He said to her.

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