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Since my comments were not replied to, I thought I would move it into this thread. My comments are based upon the social groups and profile additions. Some of the new stuff added to the forums are pretty cool. When it comes to the social groups, friends, and other divisable aspects:

Personally, I think the whole idea has pros and cons. One of the major cons is that it will divide everyone into smaller groups. One of the pros is that people can congrigate into smaller and more focused groups. Another con is that people will stop talking in the forums, and they will focus on the social groups aspect. Instead of people feeling as if they are a part of a major community, people will now be sperated by borders. We will become so seperated that people will start to walk away from the forums. There will be nothing to do. On the pros side of the new features, we can now block and prohibit people we don't like from participating or interfering in conversations. Instead of using and teaching tolerance, we can now act discriminately to block out unwanted participants.

(**Sarcasm Used For Below***)
Sounds cool to me. Anything to divide people wins me over.

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